CORIN is the solo project of Australian producer Corin Ileto. Coming from a background as a classically trained pianist, the keyboard is a central focus of her music with a heavy emphasis on live processing.

Influences range from the techno pop melodicism of Ryuichi Sakamoto to the cinematic futurism of Vangelis.

‘Wave Systems’, the label debut by CORIN, is a bold statement, defying any single genre. Ileto deviates from earlier self-released piano based composition, choosing to observe popular music from afar, suspending momentarily before immersing herself deeply into a fragmented digital narrative of futuristic proportion.

Intentionally conceptualised as an homage to Ileto’s own relationship with the water, it provides delicate insight into aesthetics and the process of encapsulating improvisation and performed motifs. ‘Wave Systems’ challenges any and all preconceptions, maintaining a strong visual foray into the future.