Paradise is held on the traditional lands of the Taungurung people and we wish to acknowledge them as Traditional Owners of the land. Accordingly, your respect of the land is appreciated.

Gates open Friday 25th at 12pm
Gates close Sunday 27th at 4pm


  • The weather is wildly unpredictable on top of a mountain. It can get very cold and wet. It can get very hot and sunny. Prepare for both.
  • Pack light, or bring something with wheels to help get your gear from your car to your camp.
  • Bring a torch, bring your wristband, bring water.
  • Don’t bring glass, don’t light a fire.
  • Enjoy the trip with friends and help out the environment by carpooling to Paradise.

Keep your eye on this space for set times.


  • Valid ID and your E-Ticket (printed or on your phone).
  • Cash! - We have cash out facilities, but why miss a thing? Bring cash.
  • Clothes for all conditions. Weather changes dramatically and it’s not uncommon for the temperature to drop from 30º - 7º - Body heat and dancing can only do so much.
  • Camping Gear, Warm Bedding, Picnic Blanket and Torch - Make yourself at home
  • Full Tank of Petrol. Take yourself home
  • Sunscreen and Insect Repellant. - A painful mix full of regret.

Lake Mountain is a protected ski resort, no cars are allowed further than the car parks. No camping in tents is permitted next to your car. Don’t stress though, the walk to your campsite is only 500m at furthest. If you have a big setup, we suggest bringing a removalist trolley to help carry your bags up the hills. If you wish to camp in your van or caravan, we have a designated area set aside for you. This is a great way to do Paradise, as it keeps you out of the weather and close to your gear. Pack lightly though, the air is thin and you may find yourself out of breath.

Paradise Music Festival is held at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort about 2 hours drive from Melbourne CBD. We strongly encourage carpooling to help minimize the impact on the environment and reduce the amount of vehicles on-site.

For those who do not have a safe/reliable mode of transport, Paradise has arranged a Shuttle Bus Service to take you to and from the Festival (see below for more information and tickets.)

*Please note: There is no public transport to or from Lake Mountain Alpine Resort.

Location: Lake Mountain Alpine Resort

Address: 1071 Lake Mountain Road, Marysville, Victoria GPS Coordinates: -37.495283, 145.877532

By Car:
The drive to Paradise Music Festival is spectacular, with many great places to stop along the way. However, it can be dangerous and extra care should be taken on your journey both to and from the festival. It is vital that you and your car are ready and well prepared for the drive.

Driving Tips:
On your way to the festival.

  • Fill any spare seats with more friends (old or new.) See our facebook event page for people in need of a ride.
  • Get rid of any glass! Pour your spirits into plastic bottles (remember to label them) and bring cans instead of stubbies. Your car will be checked at the entrance and all glass will be confiscated. Don’t hold up the que.
  • Fill your tank with fuel.
  • Check your vehicle: tyres, brakes and lights must all be in good working order.
  • Make sure your oil, water and coolant levels are topped up. Be well rested and have directions on hand.
  • Tune into the Paradise Music Festival Spotify Playlist for a perfect road trip soundtrack.
  • Be aware of Fog, Ice, Rain, Debris and Wildlife. ESPECIALLY if travelling at dusk or during the night.
  • Grab supplies before it’s too late:
    Healesville has a Coles which is open until Midnight or Marysville (the last town before Paradise) has a small foodworks open until 6:00pm. Ice is available onsite!
  • Drive slow as you approach the festival. There is no rush. You have made it!
  • Make sure you turn your lights and radio off to make sure your battery doesn’t go flat!
  • Put your keys in a very safe, secure place, and forget where they are.

On your way home.

  • Check in with Vanessa for a free BAC test, make sure you are well rested and under the legal limit.
  • Check your tyres and headlights are working.
  • Drive very slowly down the mountain! Heavy brake use can lead to brakes overheating and failing.
  • Drive very slowly down the mountain! Heavy brake use can lead to brakes overheating and failing.
  • If at any moment you feel tired, pull over and rest.
  • Be extra careful and make sure you and your friends get home safe.

Lake Mountain is 120km from Melbourne.

Follow the Maroondah Highway through the Black Spur taking the turn at Narbethong to Marysville. From Marysville follow Woods Point Road for 11km to Lake Mountain Road.

A further 11km and you arrive at Lake Mountain.

See our map below or just ask Siri.

By Shuttle Bus
The Paradise Shuttle Bus has been organised for those who do not have their own means of transport or for those that simply want to help the environment. The Shuttle Bus departs from Lilydale Train Station (the closest metro station to Paradise Music Festival) and runs directly to Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, home of Paradise Music Festival. To catch the Paradise Shuttle Bus follow the steps below.

Step 1
Purchase a Paradise Shuttle Bus Ticket here

Step 2
Catch a Metro Train to Lilydale Train Station (the end of the Lilydale line) from Southern Cross, Flinders Street or Richmond Station. Check the time the train will arrive at Lilydale and make sure you are on time for your bus.

Step 3
Head to the Bus Depot (right next to the Train Station) and locate the Paradise Bus, (McKenzies Tourist Bus).

Step 4
Show the driver your printed e-Ticket or have it visible on your phone for validation before you board the bus. Make sure your ticket matches the departure time of the Shuttle Bus. No ticket, No Trip. The Bus will then run directly to Paradise Music Festival. Have your Festival ticket on you (not in your luggage) as you arrive at the festival, as you will be scanned and wristbanded on entry.

After the Festival
All Busses depart the festival at 1:30pm Sunday 27th of November. It is crucial that you and all of your belongings are ready to leave the festival by 1:30pm. Do not leave anything behind at Paradise Music Festival. As you board the bus you will be checked for a valid ticket and the bus will take you directly to Lilydale Train Station.

Departure times (Lilydale Train Station):

    Friday 25th of November: 11:00am (arriving approx 12:30pm) Friday 25th of November: 03:00pm (arriving approx 04:30pm) Friday 25th of November: 07:00pm (arriving approx 08:30pm) Return Trip (All busses) (Departing Paradise Music Festival) Sunday 27th of November: 01:30pm (arriving approx 3:00pm)

Bus departure times are approximate and will align with the train services on the day, be sure to catch a train that arrives at Lilydale Train Station prior to the bus departure time specified on your ticket. A pre-purchased ticket is required before boarding the bus.

Important Information

  • Do not miss your bus.
  • There is no public transport option available to or from Paradise Music Festival.
  • Bus Tickets are valid for the specified departure time only.
  • All Bus Tickets are return. No one-way tickets are available.
  • All buses depart Paradise Music Festival on Sunday at 1:30pm.
  • Bus Tickets do not grant entry to Paradise Music Festival. You must have a valid Festival Ticket to attend Paradise Music Festival. Festival Tickets can be purchased here:
  • Have your ID and printed E-Ticket (or ready on your smartphone device) before boarding.
  • Busses run directly to and from Paradise Music Festival. Make sure you have all of your equipment, food and water with you before boarding the bus. Do not leave anything behind at Paradise Music Festival.
  • Make sure you have your Festival e-Ticket with you onboard with you and not in your luggage. You will be scanned and wristbanded on entry to Paradise Music Festival.
  • Paradise Music Festival is an 18+ event with a very strict No Glass and No Fires policy. Please read Terms and Conditions of Sale and Entry prior to purchasing and attending Paradise Music Festival.
  • Bus Tickets and Festival Tickets are non refundable. Name changes incur a $10 admin fee and can be done via ticketbooth.com.au For more help contact support@ticketbooth.com.au or info@paradisemusic.com.au

Buy your camp lush tickets here

Welcome to Camp Lush. The most luxurious way to to spend the weekend at Paradise Music Festival held in the breathtaking Alpine Region of Victoria, Australia. Partnering for the first time ever, Paradise and Under Sky are here to provide you with a festival experience you never knew was possible.

Set up and awaiting your arrival is a beautiful, spacious Bell Tent designed to withstand Mother Nature in absolute style. These magnificent tents are sturdy, durable and guaranteed to keep you warm at night and cool during the day via the zippable flyscreen windows. The Bell Tent is 5m in diameter and 3m tall allowing for plenty of headroom to stand up and enough space to comfortably fit your group and all of your belongings. Each bed (double or single camp cots) are fitted with high quality camp mattresses, bedding, linen, wool blankets and super cosy lanterns. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a hotel room.

To maximise your stay at Camp Lush, Paradise has reserved you a VIP Car Park, giving your group the freedom to take as much time as you desire travelling to Paradise Music Festival. Settle into your fancy new home with a delicious cheese platter and bottle of champagne. Spend the next morning enjoying an Espresso Martini or Bloody Mary and grab yourselves a coffee before your drive home. We will look after all the packing up so just be sure to return all of the items provided!

Camp Lush Bookings include:

    1x 5m Bell Tent
    1 x Beds, Bedding, Linen and Wool Blankets (Doubles or Single bed options)
    1 x Reserved VIP Car Park
    2 x Lanterns
    1 x Cheese Platter
    1 x Bottle of Champagne
    1 x Cocktail per person
    1 x Coffee per person

Paradise has a central amenities block located at the festival hub. It has 2 large toilet blocks that are all gendered (one with and one without urinal), two disabled toilets and showers. It’s all free and has hot water too. Toilets will also be located near Stage Paradise (main stage) and in the camp grounds. If you experience any troubles or find a mess in the bathroom, please let our staff know.

This is why we do it, the music.

The music at Paradise is good good stuff, even if we do say so ourselves. We book the best bands, producers and DJs that we see every week in venues across the country. Every song has been taste tested and we try our best to program the festival so it sounds just right at just the right time.

On Stage Paradise, expect to see bands that will fill our grassy hill with sound and great energy.

A few hours after the sun dips behind the mountain, we open Clubland - our indoor luxe club. Operating from 10pm - 7am both nights, there is plenty of time to shuffle your feet. A new basement stage has been added this year which will run from 12am-8am both nights, with some of Melbourne's best DJ’s playing endless tunes for solid dance.

Paradise will host site-specific works and video art. Stay tuned for the lineup of visual artists at this year’s festival.

Paradise’s Cinema will feature a selection of short films, video art, music video clips and feature length films this year. All content is sourced locally from independent filmmakers and artists. Keep your eyes on this space for our timetable coming soon.

Paradise Yoga returns with our experienced festival instructor Grace Darling. Grace believes yogic practice can be the conduit between body and mind – bringing the whole being closer to equilibrium.

Grace’s classes are designed to break the body out of it’s typical movements patterns, shake the mind free from its repetitive thoughts and engage the mat as a mirror for how we are and who we want to be. Head down to the Balconies of Paradise Kitchen for a remarkable view and energising exercise.

Check her out on Facebook here

With a mix of food trucks and our Paradise Kitchen, there are more options than ever before to help keep you fed all festival. Keep your eye on this space for food trucks, prices and menu coming soon.

Welcome to Paradise, where you can bring your own or buy some of ours. With 3 bars Paradise has it covered from Bloody Mary Mornings, Aperol Spritz Afternoons and Energetic Evening Clublounge Cocktails. Don’t forget as always, beer, beer, and more beer (plus cider). Keep your eye on this space for prices and menu coming soon.

Paradise stocked up, so you don’t have to:

    Pouches of Champion Ruby 25g: $25
    21 packs of Peter Stuyvesant: $20

Tobacco can be purchased from any bar or from the Info Desk

Whilst we don’t appreciate phones being held in the air during entire performances, we do really enjoy looking back at everyone’s photos after the festival. So to help keep your phone charged we have a phone charging service for a tiny fee.

Clublounge is a haven for the club. Relax, Refresh, Reboot. Operating during Clubland hours, kick back and kick on.

Some tips and ideas to keep Lake Mountain beautiful:

  • Bring a reusable water bottle
  • Throw your ciggies in the bin
  • Leave your camp the way you found it, spotless
  • Throw all your rubbish and recycling into the bins
  • Carpool or catch the shuttle bus to reduce your emissions

The safety and wellbeing of everyone on site is of huge importance to Paradise. We ask all attendees to be careful and use common sense over the weekend. It is very important that you do not wander off the walking paths or away from the campground/festival areas, it can be very easy to get lost, trip over or be injured. We have medical staff onsite at all times, please visit the first aid center if you are hurt or need any sort of medical attention. These guys are here to look after you. We will also have Vanessa onsite to check your blood alcohol content before leaving the festival as driving under the influence after the festival can have fatal consequences. Please stay safe and look out for one and other.

The basic rules are: total fire ban, no glass, closed toe shoes must be worn at all times, no unsafe behaviour, no stage diving, no crowd surfing, no moshing, no illicit substances or items, no littering, no animals, no antisocial behaviour and reasonable volume of music and conversation at campsites. All of our rules are laid out in our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Entry