Huntly are creating the sounds of the future. Formed by three friends in Melbourne, Huntly are building their own brand of emotional rave music, bridging modern R&B, murky pop, and lofi soul to capture the genuine lust and heartache that saturates their debut EP, ‘Feel Better or Stop Trying’.

Earnest lyricism gives Huntly’s music a sense of urgency and authenticity, like something is at stake. Formed by three friends living in Melbourne, Huntly merge heart-thudding rhythms with a river of analog and electronic dreams that will evoke and inspire. Having just released their highly anticipated six-track debut EP, Huntly are gaining profound approval from local and international tastemakers.

Evidenced by tracks such as the sumptuous R&B jam, ‘Sunday Sheets’, and dark slow-rave ‘We Made It’, Huntly are breaking through electronic soul music, burning hearts with the plaintive emotion tangible in Elspeth Scrine’s lead vocals. Pulsing within the borders of Melbourne’s music scenes with packed out live shows that showcase the trio’s transparent live setup, Huntly have also harnessed support from local and national radio, to charm listeners everywhere with their evocative dance music: “doof you can cry to”.