Brothers in arms Oscar Vincente Slorach Thorn (aka Oscar Key Sung) and Grant Gronewold (HTMLflowers) have brought together their contrasting sonic flavours to create their collaborative project ‘Lossless’.

As one of Australia's most unique producers and vocalists, the music of Oscar Key Sung sways between emotional ferment and physical movement. “Key Sung is locked in tension” Oscar says finally, “but that’s what makes it work… it's glacial beauty and modern dread."

HTMLflowers is an MC, songwriter and acclaimed illustrator and a staff writer for VICE comic series Megg and Mogg. Originally from Illinois, America, HTMLflowers lower class background and his struggles with chronic illness has informed much of his his work, which as Oscar explains “Grant’s lyrics speaks of the day to day, almost of the mundane which is raw and gritty - it’s in your face. My perspective is from afar, ideas from a distance” says Oscar.

Previously the pair recorded and performed as Brothers Hand Mirror, where Oscar would produce tape loops and HTMLflowers would rap whilst performing with live dancers. 'Lossless’ is a transformation of their creative process and output between Oscar and Grant representing both a different headspace and articulation between the two.