Thereminist and composer Miles Brown was born in Hobart, Tasmania, and cut his creative teeth in the experimental art / rock scene in Melbourne, Australia. With his band The Night Terrors, Brown has explored the theremin as a lead instrument in an electronic rock scenario, releasing four albums (The Night Terrors (2001), Lightless (2002), Back To Zero (2009) and Spiral Vortex (2014)) and touring through Europe and Australia extensively supporting the likes of Goblin, Hawkwind, Melt-Banana, Boris, Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops and Serena Maneesh.

Brown has collaborated in the studio with acts such as Sank Otten (DE), Antoni Maiovvi (DE), Harmony & Don Walker (AU) as well as renowned Australian performer Mikelangelo on his album City of Dreams (2014).

Brown has also collaborated with visual artists including sculptor Monica Zanchetta (Sonance, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, 2008), filmmaker Allison Gibbs (Our Extra Sensory Selves, Glasgow Centre For Contemporary Arts, 2015), horror director Kiefer Findlow (Insomnolence, 2015) and electronic artist Drill Folly (on a live score for Germaine Dulac’s La Coquille et le Clergyman (1926) which was performed at Fabrica, Brighton, UK in September 2015).

Brown has performed as a guest with acts such as Goblin, Black Mountain, Bardo Pond, Sinoia Caves, Jason Simon (Dead Meadow), Dan Kelly, Mikelangelo, Silver City Highway, Robbie Avenaim, and has appeared at festivals such as Dark Mofo, Big Day Out, Melbourne Festival, Adelaide Festival, Falls, Queenscliff, Homebake, High Vibes, Festival of the Sun, Melbourne Fringe, Melbourne Music Week, St. Kilda Festival, Polyhymnia (DE), Incubate (NL), Bracara Extreme Fest (Portugal) and Denovali Swingfest (DE).