Congratulations to Studio OSK for winning the Paradise Music Festival art grant in 2015! The Melbourne-based Architecture firm will design and build the Paradise Pavilion; a contemporary revisit of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion. The work develops on the 1929 Pavilion and repurposes it within a music festival landscape. It will be a platform that overlooks Stage Paradise and features a bench, dance pool, cinema screen and ‘velvet’ wall. We encourage you to experience and interact with the work while at the festival.

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Paradise Pavilion

The 21st century still presents "modern[ism] as lifeless, puritanical, empty and uninhabited. It has always been our intuition however, that modern architecture is in itself a hedonistic movement, that its severity, abstraction and rigor are in fact plots to create the most provocative settings for the experiment that is modern life."

Extending OMA's critique of the Barcelona Pavilion [Casa Palestra, 1982 Milan Triennale], our 21st Century application of this critique is not that of OMA's bending of Mies' plan physically and perceptually, but contextually. We intend to complete the intentions of Koolhaas' critique of truly activating this hedonistic movement by placing an active fragment from the pinnacle of modern architecture directly into an experiment of modern life, the music festival. In doing so, a system is created to highlight the modern condition; that of “physical culture in the widest possible sense of the word".

The plan is not bent as in the OMA pavilion, rather it is seduced, a series of slippages pulled from its rigid roots toward key moments of the festival;

The pool is transformed into a dance-platform, the facilitator of "ambiguity between exercise and sexual pleasure".

The bench, an apparatus for intimate acts is pulled away from the stage, its lights and commotion, establishing a romantic scene basking in the ambiance and echo of the festival.

The intersecting planes become a site of collision, not only that of material reflection but of the hedonistic acts of dance, sexual promiscuity and substance indulgence.


... "This will complete the spectacle, whose aim is to shock people into an awareness of the possible ‘hidden’ dimensions of modern architecture."




Paradise Pavilion Model (Studio OSK, 2015)

Paradise Pavilion Plan (Studio OSK, 2015)