Welcome to Camp Lush. The most luxurious way to to spend the weekend at Paradise Music Festival held in the breathtaking Alpine Region of Victoria, Australia. Partnering for the first time ever, Paradise and Under Sky are here to provide you with a festival experience you never knew was possible.

Set up and awaiting your arrival is a beautiful, spacious Bell Tent designed to withstand Mother Nature in absolute style. These magnificent tents are sturdy, durable and guaranteed to keep you warm at night and cool during the day via the zippable flyscreen windows. 

The Bell Tent is 5m in diameter and 3m tall allowing for plenty of headroom to stand up and enough space to comfortably fit your group and all of your belongings. Each bed (double or single camp cots) are fitted with high quality camp mattresses, bedding, linen, wool blankets and super cosy lanterns. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a hotel room!

To maximise your stay at Camp Lush, Paradise has reserved you a VIP Car Park, giving your group the freedom to take as much time as desired whilst travelling to the festival. Settle into your fancy new home with a delicious cheese platter and bottle of champagne.

Spend the next morning enjoying an Espresso Martini or Bloody Mary and grab yourselves a coffee before your drive home. We will look after all the packing up so just be sure to return all of the items provided!

Whats included:
1x 5m Bell Tent
1x Beds, Bedding, Linen and Wool Blankets (Doubles or Single bed options)
1x Reserved VIP Car Park
2x Lanterns
1x Cheese Platter
1x Bottle of Champagne
1x Cocktail per person
1x Coffee per person

Save up to $200 by purchasing your Festival Tickets and Camp Lush Booking as a Bundle!