We are proud to have our mates from Mellum presenting Mellum Clublounge this year's festival. Mellum Clublounge will be a revamped version of Clublounge that debuted at last year's Paradise. It will feature an installation by Joshua Anderson, photography by Andre Hillas, a bar with Mellum Spiced Mojitos and a few shady corners to hang out in when the party is a bit too much.

Oh, and Troy, the horse will be back.

The best thing is that we'll be open till 5am, keeping you fueled throughout the long dance next door in Clubland.

Mellum is a new Brisbane based publicity company created by Uda Widanapathirana (of Woolly Mammoth, Eunoia Collective, Monolith), a project striving to 'mix-up' the range of artists that reach your eyes and ears. Diversity merely in genre is not the aim. Mellum respects the inextricable link between music and social movements and seeks to highlight them through its work, and by that token, Mellum provides a platform for artists to direct their own narratives through positive discrimination. When we tell our own stories, we enable others to do the same- we listen, we process, and we empathise. Challenging whose stories are heard in these spheres is the objective of Mellum. Whilst diversity in an artistic framework is the process, empathy is the aim; for without it, there is no social cohesion.