Photograph by Savannah Van Der Niet

Photograph by Savannah Van Der Niet

What a fantastic festival that was! Thank you to everyone that trekked up to Lake Mountain to brave the cold and bask in the sun atop glorious Lake Mountain. From the haunting red trees behind a terrifying MY DISCO set, to the hanging guitarist at Dorsal Fins and Orbital to close the festival from Post Percy, it truly was Paradise. Here are a few memories captured at the festival by our local media, photographers and videographers.

"Paradise Festival is truly unique and will continue to do great things for local music. "
Review by Who The Hell

"Late Saturday night, thirty odd people storm a disabled the toilet in the chalet carrying a speaker preloaded with nineties hits, and start a hollering, steamed up karaoke dance off. "
Review by Faster Louder

"After its third instalment, it’s fair to say the festival is one of the most unique experiences on Victoria’s robust live music calendar. "
Review by Beat Magazine

"It all ended on Sunday morning with the latter dropping a remix of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’. Looking across the room at the hundred or so giddy remaining faces, dancing away the dying moments arm in arm on fallen confetti as the rising sun shot kaleidoscopes through Clubland’s giant glass windows, it was a fitting way for the weekend to go. Only at Paradise, you can be a hero not just for one day, but three."
Review by Tone Deaf