Paradise and Wimeik are extremely excited to present, for the first time in Australia....

GAIKA (UK / Warp Records) 
+ DJ sets from Tommy Codling (SYD) and Paradise DJs

Saturday June 10
The Night Cat, Fitzroy

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Born out of his travels through the many global currents of contemporary London, GAIKA’s music is dark yet melodic, experimental yet catchy. While drawing strongly from his Brixton upbringing and his Jamaican and Grenadian heritage, GAIKA’s sound is ultimately expansive, seamlessly weaving musical motifs, vocal flows and slangs of UK, US and Caribbean music.

GAIKA is as uncompromising in his politics as his sonics, intent on expanding and exploding the ideas of what contemporary black British music is. From his debut mixtape Machine in 2015 all the way to his Warp Records release Spaghetto, GAIKA is channeling the unique synthesis of the UK’s musical make-up, firmly at the forefront of a new London.

friendships -
Returning from a string of dates across America, Melbourne's chaotic Audio Visual two piece have continued to break ground and shatter expectations since the release of their debut album 'Nullarbor 1988-89' last year. With a massive performance at Golden Plains, multiple appearences at Big Sound and closing the year with a set at New Years Eve on the Hill. friendships are forging their own unique way through the industry bringing with them their impressive reappropriation of electronic sub-genres and monumental live shows.

kandere -
kandere is the music duo of artists, Lakyn Tarai and Wahe Kavara. This freshly formed act is deeply rooted in queerness and their shared Melanesian ancestry (Fiji and Papua New Guinea). Their sound combines avant hip hop, electronic r&b and darker club influences. With Lakyn’s driving vocals & rapping structured around Wahe’s sharp energising production, together they create a dynamic and powerful sound. kandere will be releasing their debut EP in 2017 with their debut single BB GOY to be released in the upcoming weeks.

+ DJ sets from
Tommy Codling -
and Paradise DJs -
The Warp Records signee GAIKA will be touring nationally in June, making apperances at both Vivid Sydney and Dark Mofo Music Festivals. Search Google for other dates and info.