We caught up with Catlips whilst she made coffees, packed her bags and flew across the country - She’s playing at Paradise this year in our luxe indoor stage - Clubland. Grab your tickets before they sell out.

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Paradise: Heya! What are you up to today?

CATLIPS : Hello! I’m currently being a hospitality slave, then packing my bags to fly to Sydney tonight.


P: Hospo slavin'. What's happening in Sydney?

C: I'm playing a set live on FBi Radio tomorrow night, should be fun, it's the launch of their "Dance Class" mentoring program.


P: Yesss. I've seen that floating around. Will you be playing out any new tunes?

C: Absolutely! Gonna play my nu single that came out last week Silver Smoke as well as lots of other unreleased tunas.


P: Tell me more about ‘Silver Smoke’. After your EP ‘Casual’ this year, will the single fit into a another larger body of work?

C: I kinda chose it for a single ‘cos it’s pretty different to all the other tracks I've been working on. It’s still got similar flavours but the rest is more club based! I'm going to split up the rest into little releases.


P: What influences your production, is it the club, is it tropical weather - What gets you going to create the music you do?

C: I guess it comes down to 2 main things, one is dancefloor experiences; watching incredible DJs from all over the world and how they use a room to create a vibe. I always look back to memorable moments from shows and try to remember what made it special and how to apply that to my own productions.

The other huge influence is my friends and peers around me, there are so many ridiculously talented people in Perth in different fields who inspire me to work harder and work together.

P: You've been touring a bunch this year. Where have you been? What are your highlights?

C: Yeah i have done lots of flying, i've been over east to Melbourne and Sydney for a bunch of various shows, but the highlights have been supporting Roland Tings on his national tour, all those shows were amazing, and playing at Splendour in the Grass.

P: Where is your dream tour? Who would you travel on a bus with, where would it be going?

C: Dream tour would be.. first stop foam party at the bounty, then a dj set at sky lounge, moving on to the Berghain lab, then 1 month of shows in Ibiza, followed by a 24hr DJ set at Burning Ban b2b John Butler Trio, then a non stop raft up party all the way back to pinkies beach for the closing show supported by The Presets. There would be a range of guests ranging from Marcia Hynes, Pia Mia and Missy Elliott.

P: Wild. What can we expect from you at Paradise 2015?

C: A hot spicy dance floor with lots of surprises

P: Lastly - who are your faves on the lineup?

C: The Harpoons! Kirkis, Roland Tings and Cale Sexton

Thanks Katie! 

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CATLIPS will be performing at Paradise 2015, in Clubland on Friday night at 4:00AM. We can't wait to see what she has in store for us.