Paradise is seeking submissions of short films, documentaries, feature length films and video art to be screened at Paradise Music Festival in 2015.

The Paradise Cinema is an indoor Cinema that runs throughout the duration of the festival. It will feature video art, short films, interviews, documentaries and feature length films.

SUBMISSION CRITERIA                                                                                                                                                Your film is not restricted for screening by any third party agreement

Your film can be screened on a digital format at high resolution

Your film has all necessary clearances to be screened in a public place

Paradise is an 18+ festival so all rated films can be screened

If your film/work is selected to be screened at Paradise, you will be credited in the playing times and on the Paradise website. Promotion of your involvement in the Cinema will be publicised in various media articles, on websites such as Vice and Broadsheet.

To submit video content, please complete the online form here.