Paradise caught up with Good Morning after their recent trip to CMJ Music Conference in New York. Catch them on Saturday at 12.15pm at Paradise. 

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Paradise: Firstly, what did you eat for breakfast today?

Good Morning : Corn Flakes with honey, two pieces of vegemite toast, black coffee and orange juice. Breakfast of champions for those with no interest in nutritional value.


P: What type of influences and sounds helped create your band?

GM: Mostly the sound of the gear that we are using at any given time. So different tape machines and effects and synths etcetera. We don’t really ever talk about musical influences and if we ever do it comes out not sounding like it at all.


P: What was the routine for recording your EP 'Shawcross'?

GM: Hmm, it feels like ages ago now so I'm kinda clutching at straws. But I would probably say that the routine consisted of lots of instant coffee and weed. Also lots of late nights with our dear Hamish Mitchell, that probably ended up with us just playing cards.


P: How’s the Melbourne scene treating you at the moment?

GM: Yeah it’s nice. I suppose you'd have to ask the Melbourne music scene. The best thing about it is that the ‘scene’ doesn’t feel particularly genre exclusive or anything (unless you’re somebody that  wants to make it that way), and that we get to play shows with lots of different types of people.


P: You’re at CMJ Music Conference in New York right now - Any extended touring plans?

GM: Just got home last night! It was fun but hectic - lots circle jerking and card giving too which was pretty funny. No plans at all, just hanging about in Melbourne and playing around here. Might try and head interstate at the start of next year, but I think we feel more like writing and recording at the moment.


P: What can we expect from you at Paradise 2015?

GM: Hopefully some new songs, Josh Mioscu and other special guests. Might get some pyrotechnics or some shit. At least some sparkler bombs. Probably a reciprocal Saturday morning hangover set too.


P: Got any favourites on the Paradise lineup?

GM: Oh yeah! Any time I get to see Totally Mild and Jaala is always time well spent. Other than that the Kirkis/0.1 double header is pretty exciting, as well as Cassius Select, Black Cab, Misty Nights, Asdasfr Bawd, Andrei Eremin, Broadway Sounds and Friendships.

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Good Morning have just announced their new record "Glory" set for release in early 2016 via the brilliant Solitaire Recordings.  Have a listen to the amazing first single, 'Cab Deg' below.