Having just announced the release of his new EP "It's Really Something", Paradise caught up with Amateur Dance to talk music and aspirations. 

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Paradise: The title of your EP ‘It’s Really Something’ I feel represents a snapshot in time for you. How do the tracks represent your life and sound right now?

Amateur Dance: In both life and sound it's about finding my footing. I still have almost no idea what I'm doing in either one, but I think I'm starting to find a meaningful understanding.  

P: Do you think the contrast between club beats and ethereal sounds creates a certain mood?

AD: Definitely.

P: How did you create your EP cover and who helped you make it?

AD: I worked with an incredible graphic designer named Sam Horman. I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted but working together we were able to realise it so well!

P: Your aesthetic and branding, including covers, press shots etc. feel very coherent. What value do you place in the visual element of Amateur Dance?

AD: I think in 2015 people don't just care about the music, more than ever they want to know and understand who the music is coming from. So it's a way of giving context to the listener. It's also nice to have some good artwork to fall back on when I'm feeling like the music is kinda crap! Oh and the press shots make really good profile pictures. ;)

P: When you are half asleep dreaming of the pinnacle touring experience, where do you want to be playing? Who for? Whereabouts?

AD: I think probably a daytime DJ set, somewhere like that stage in the woods at Dekmantel festival in Amsterdam, playing for a diverse crowd of nice and respectful people. I think I could do a really good job of that and I'd probably cry afterwards.

P: I can’t wait to see you at Paradise - what can punters expect to feel during your set?

AD: Thanks for saying so! Hopefully good feelings. Fingers crossed for a very enthusiastic audience.

P: Lastly, who are your picks of the Paradise lineup?

AD: I'm most looking forward to: Misty Nights, The Harpoons, Marcus Whale, Post Percy and The Completely Boys.

P: Thankyou for chatting :)

AD: Thankyou <3

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Stream Amateur Dance's brand new EP "It's Really Something" for free below, or on Spotify.