Upon the release of their new single and videoclip "Feel", we met with the amazing Bridgette and Mitch of Melbourne's Leisure Suite, to talk about their music. 

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Paradise: You guys put on such an energetic and vibrant show at the last Paradise PREVIEW party. I was stoked that your recorded music transferred so well into a live setting. Your recent single ‘Feel’ at the end was a highlight.

What’s a more fun process, recording or performing?

BRIDGETTE: It’s super hard to say because our recorded sound is so chilled out, so trying to translate that into a live setting where you want people to dance can sometimes be difficult. Our live band have definitely made that transition a lot easier and without them it just wouldn’t have that same energy.

In answering your question, both have their ups and downs. There’s nothing more I love than writing and recording, but seeing the crowd in front of you dancing along, miming the words and interacting with your music – nothing beats that kind of intimacy!

P: Your music has been really embraced by Australia's taste making audiences - I could see your songs in a bigger pop realm pretty soon. Do you care about what the masses think about your music?

BRIDGETTE: No not at all, I don’t think that thought has ever crossed my mind – and if it was, I don’t think writing music would be enjoyable anymore. When writing melodies, as long as it “feels” right to me I’m really not so fussed about the broader picture. These are songs I think I would listen to if I wasn’t in Leisure Suite, and I always write about subjects that are close to my heart so if the masses get it, they get it.

MITCH: Sounds a little cliché to say we don’t care about what people think, however… we don’t really care what people think haha. We always make sure both whilst writing and once we finish a track that we’re happy with it, and that expresses something that we feel or want to communicate through music. For now, this fits in the realms of pop music, however I think if we stray from this or if we embrace a more pop sensibility it’ll be because of our own desire to express ourselves and not to please the masses.

P: How do you differentiate Leisure Suite amongst a sea of producers, the Internet and a whole lot of noise?

MITCH: This is a really good question and I don’t really know if I have a real good answer for this. One reason I think might contribute to this is in the way we write music. We’ve always adopted a very DIY approach to writing and producing, which means that our final finished tracks tend to be a little rough around the edges. It’s taken me a long time to embrace this, but I think it’s the pops and clicks and little imperfections that allow us to stick out a little, rather than slip between the other super-polished, and sometimes over-produced artists out there.

I’m also a strong believer in the idea of “less-is-more” and communicating our ideas before making things sound pretty. I think maybe people like our music because it’s simple and digestible – almost straight to the point. Generally speaking though, we just make what we feel with the tools we have around us, and we’re super happy that people have embraced it the way that they have.

P: I’ve noticed your support of local designer PAI - what is your relationship with those guys? Do they have much influence on your creative process (as personal friends or otherwise)?

BRIDGETTE: PAI is the best. Angie, is an incredibly talented artist and also a dear friend of mine – she has been a big supporter of us from the very start. I think it’s natural for fashion, art and music to come together and there’s a great creative community in Melbourne right now that are all just helping each other out. Angie and Adrian are probably two of the most hardworking people I know and witnessing that has definitely given me drive to work hard myself. I’m super proud of them <3

P: What excites you the most about the Melbourne music scene?

MITCH: As a music-maker I think the best thing about the music scene in Melbourne is the relationships you develop with other musicians. We’ve always found the best people through music and everyone’s always eager to share and help each other out.

Live-music-wise I’ve always loved the diversity Melbourne has to offer. Also how these diverse worlds of music overlap. I can practically go see a show anywhere and not ever feel out of place or unaccepted. Most people are there just to experience the music, and I think that’s what I love most about Melbourne.

P: Paradise is very soon - I’m super down to see you play again. What are you looking forward to most about playing?

BRIDGETTE: I’ve been to Paradise every year and what I always thought was how amazing it would be to play in that beautiful scenery. We’ve never played at a festival before so the fact that this is our first is so exciting!

MITCH: Paradise is our first festival! I’m super excited for it. I’m also a little nervous, but I guess that’s all part of the experience! Festivals always have a good vibe, I think what I’m really most looking forward to it is being on the other side of the fence. We’re going to treat Paradise like a big party, so I hope everyone is ready to have a boogie to some cruisy tunes.

P: Who is one electronic and one non-electronic act you’re keen to see at Paradise?

BRIDGETTE: My one electronic would be Black Vanilla - it was going to be Cassius Select but seeing as he’s in Black Vanilla I thought I’d choose that. The skitterish beats mixed with Marcus’ from Collarbones vocals is a match made in heaven, I can’t wait to see those guys. My non-electronic are the Good Morning boys, I’m such a sucker for their tunes - I’m so happy they’re playing Saturday afternoon because i’ll be lying on the grass with a cold beer in my hand nodding along.

MITCH: I’m really excited to see Good Morning! There songs are so catchy and raw I can’t wait to see them perform. Also I think they’re on in the afternoon, which will be a perfect chance to have a sit down have a beer and enjoy some GM tunes.

I’m also really excited to see Andrei Eremin. Andrei has been a huge help in aiding our music making, and as many already know, Andrei has an insane high work ethic and extreme attention to detail and I’m almost certain this will translate to his live show. Unfortunately I missed his show a couple months back so I guess this is my chance to finally see him live!

Thankyou for chatting : D

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Check out Leisure Suite's new video to their single "Feel" below -