Loops, an installation by Rachel Feery that will installed in a dark corner of Paradise's new venue, Clublounge.

The visually mesmerizing artwork is a collection of naïve, minimalist sculptures suspend in space and illuminated under ultra-violet light. As lurid fluorescent objects, they fit within the familiar club culture but also call for attention from across the room. Loops allow one to fall into space and time. Making for a transitory space that visitors can pass through or stay and be transfixed by the subtle moving forms.

Rachel Feery is an installation based artist, curator, and videographer based in Melbourne. Her artistic practice explores alternate realms, the meditative headspace, ethereal imagery and immersive environments. She is interested in making art that both reflects the lure and preoccupation of screen technologies and presenting these ideas like science-fiction narratives for the individual to enter and visualise.


This project has been created with the generous assistance from creatives; Jennifer Addison, Ryan Jaffe and Suzanne McPherson.