Null - Press Photo_Mclean Stephenson.jpg

Melbourne based producer Nul worships mid-­to-­late ‘90s electronic music through a contemporary lens. His studio works are littered with a mix of sounds that span decades: from ‘70s synthesizer music, ambient noise, ‘90s classics and modern night­bus anthems.

Null’s ebut EP ‘Almost’ was released in March 2015 as a co-­release between Acéphale and Siberia Records. ‘Almost’ explores the diversity of the mid ‘90s catch­all genre "Electronica", essentially attempting to create a work that can wear the badge earnestly. ‘Almost’ is characterised by dense, saturated synthesizer lines and classic drum machines flirting with dusty breakbeats and ambient sound.

Nul’s immersive live set has seen him share stage with the likes of Jamie xx, HEALTH, Hudson Mohawke, QT and Kenton Slash Demon.

Having received acclaim from FACT, Dummy, XLR8R, FADER & Thump, and an upcoming debut album set for release, Null as a promising year ahead.