OCDANTAR is the guise of Joshua Delaney’s solo body of electronic work and production collaborations. Savvy readers will notice OCDANTAR is Rat & Co backwards, sort of.

“Time in Flux” is his first official release using this alter ego.  A seven-track eclectic, though always spacious, mix of sonic and personal exploration. It plays like a translation of internal confusion, converting it to texture, a way to organize the mind. It is a beautiful narration of a mess, written in sound.

The EP’s first single “Sky Sea Client View” features the vocals of LIAHONA. A soft flowing melody against a lush, stripped down backdrop of synth, drums and bass.

“Sounds a little like playing a Stereolab 45 on 33, Though it is not my place to say.” - Pete Baxter, Smooch Records 

Time In Flux was recorded by OCDANTAR at Smooch Records, and mixed and mastered by Andrei Eremin at Deluxe Studios. It is due for release on Smooch Records early 2016.