Inspired, but not confined to the bush that surrounds him, Raudie McLeod is a Melbourne based DJ and producer creating music and art under the moniker River Yarra. His sound has been described as cosmic, atmospheric and at times, complete weirdo bliss.

In early 2015 he released his debut record ‘Rain Dance Extended Play + Vision’ via Melbourne’s Solitaire Recordings to critical praise. The release, like everything McLeod works towards, was not simply music packaged but a collection of music accompanied by his own visual art.

Alongside Tom Baker, the two came together to form Super Important, sharing with Melbourne the Wonders of the World. Their parties have seen the likes of Hysteric (Public Possession), Len Leise (International Feel), Pelvis, Nite Fleit and a stack of legendary locals.

“An impeccable production, ‘Rain Dance Extended Play’ is reminiscent of the soul groove produced around the turn of the century, but is gliding across a new starry terrain with brave effects and a wide, cross-cultural musical current.” – CargoArt

“It’s an assured release that presents a number of immersive elements; a symphony of organic percussion and textural synths create a driving feel and a sense of constant evolution.” – I Oh You

“Combining the sounds of the bush with beats has got Australian and international potential written all over it. Raudie Mcleod’s debut single is experimental ecstasy.” – Hhhhappy