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Simona Castricum is a musician, architecture academic and writer from Melbourne, Australia.

Simona’s musical, spatial and activist interventions articulate gender non-conforming experiences in architectural and emotional space - their relationships to power, sexuality, violence and the body. Her fluid and multidisciplinary practice across architecture, graphic design and music experiment with vocal, percussion, dance, image and typography as both creative tools and evocative publishing forms.

Simona is an educator and PhD candidate in architecture at the University of Melbourne School of Design. As a musician Simona is represented by Melbourne queer feminist label LISTEN Records. Her culture and music writing has appeared in The Guardian, Vice, i-D and Archer magazines. She has a contributed short stories and memoirs on sexuality, gender and architecture.

An outspoken advocate on safer space and inclusivity of queer and gender diverse artists, she has featured at BIGSOUND, Women of The World and Melbourne Design Week in Australia and AHRA’s Architecture and Feminisms in Sweden. She is currently a tutor and PhD candidate in architecture at the University of Melbourne, writing on ‘What if Safety became Permanent? Gender Nonconforming Experiences of Architecture - Space and Practice’.