SAATSUMA are a collaborative electronic project based in Melbourne. Their music is driven by elements of hip hop, house and neo-soul, drawing inspiration from the likes of Little Dragon, FKA Twigs and Flying Lotus. The genesis of the project was a studio based collaboration between Memphis Kelly, Cesar Rodrigues and Joel Ma. The result was a merging of each of the individuals’ styles and influences to create unique electronic music driven by traditional song-writing.

On stage SAATSUMA are a five-piece live act, fronted by songwriter and producer Memphis Kelly and joined by Cesar Rodrigues, Maddy Kelly, Lachlan Stuckey and Andrew Congues. Their captivating live show features analog synths, layered vocals, guitar, drums and live samples.

SAATSUMA launched their debut track ‘Storm’ in April 2016, accompanied by a video created with Tom Chapman and Ajay Jennings. The single and video were premiered by Triple J’s Dom Alessio, and the official launch saw a sold out room at Shebeen in Melbourne.

The team will release their debut EP in 2016, mixed by Melbourne DJ & producer Declan Kelly (aka Dream Kit).